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“Whatever may be their use in civilized societies, mirrors are essential to all violent and heroic action.”

Virginia Woolf; A Room of One’s Own


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Favourite Authors

  • Per Petterson
  • Elena Ferrante
  • Alice Munro
  • Anne Tyler
  • Elizabeth Strout
  • Jennifer Egan
  • Olga Tokarczuk
  • John Banville
  • Vladimir Narbokov
  • Gillian Mears
  • Lloyd Jones
  • Michael Ondaatje
  • Jennifer Johnston
  • John Berger
  • Haruki Murakami




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Mindfulness For Writers & Triathletes

This week at my Pilates class, I met Nathan Shearer, pictured above, and discovered that writers and world class triathletes have much in common. In fact, as writers embarked on a long project, we are triathletes! Nathan is about to compete in the 2016 Hawaii...

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Playing With Words

What should we do when we don't want to write? When the desire has died and the very thought of playing with words becomes a chore? Should we take a break? Or push on regardless? One day this week, I lay on my bed for a whole afternoon and lost myself in Jim Crace's...

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Get Real, Write Real, Find a Publisher

A few years ago, I was part of a panel discussing how best to find a publisher. One writer on the panel was self-published, another wrote non-fiction, another wrote for young adults, a fourth wrote popular fiction. Each stressed the obstacles to getting published....

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Keating’s Girlfriend

When we first met Prue, my sister pulled me into the kitchen to pass judgement, as we did with all of Andrew’s girlfriends. ‘This one’ll end up taking to drink or finding religion,’ Janey said. Prue’s claim to fame was that before she met our brother, she’d been Paul...

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Postcards from Paradise

I've left The Loved Ones  at home for ten days in Paradise with a friend. We're staying at a resort spa in Thailand, one of those Luxury Escape offers that come at a ridiculous price because it's the off-season and could well be hot and horrible and raining all day....

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Dying To Write

Cory Taylor died recently after a long fight with cancer. She left behind a remarkable book that was written in the space of a few weeks when her illness became untreatable. ‘Dying: A Memoir’ is a moving account of what dying taught her about life. It made me realise...

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Pauline & The Orchid Queen

What a mess! Brexit, Trump and now us. And after almost twenty years in the political wilderness, Pauline is back promoting a lot of fear-mongering nonsense. Truly, I shouldn't give her air to breathe and I apologise in advance for doing so, but like so many people...

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Writing Tips from a Child

What can a child possibly teach adults about writing? A lot, I discovered on a dismal winter's day when my grandson was four years of age. We had exhausted Lego, painting, play dough, gingerbread men and turning the couch cushions into a fort. ‘Why don’t we write a...

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