I’ve left The Loved Ones  at home for ten days in Paradise with a friend. We’re staying at a resort spa in Thailand, one of those Luxury Escape offers that come at a ridiculous price because it’s the off-season and could well be hot and horrible and raining all day. So far so good. There’s plenty of sun, great food and blissful body treatments.


I haven’t shared a room with anyone except my husband for almost thirty years but Catherine is proving to be a great sharer. She fell off a bike yesterday and cut her knee which saw us throwing legs over the backs of scooters belonging to friendly locals and hurtling around Khao Lak to find help, but that’s another story.

IMG_3490 (002)

This is how we spend most of our time. Our own Jacuzzi, miles of salt water swimming pool. Sigh. So hard to take.


This is me being unfaithful to Barney Poodle with the resort dogs on the beach. We smuggle them food from the breakfast buffet. Watching them race along the beach and bounce and play all day makes me feel sorry for Barney at home on his couch. Remember my post: Is The Dog Depressed?


This is a restaurant on the beach just up the road from the resort where dogs are welcome too. Say no more.


This is the red flag flying outside the resort that says don’t go into the sea, it is too dangerous. Of course I know this from my new-found lifesaver knowledge. I can also spot the rips, big areas of churned up sand in the shallows just waiting to suck you out. I’ve told Catherine to let herself go with the current if she gets caught in a rip and then swim back on the returning current, at which point I will save her. She doesn’t seem convinced.

IMG_3651 (2)

This morning we met a lovely couple from Perth who were disobeying the flag and I disobeyed with them. This is me diving through a wave. More bliss.


This is Catherine reading the Tsunami Warning sign before she fell off her bike. There are dangers everywhere even on Luxury Escapes. Our room is right on the beach. We would be first to go. Would I tie myself to a palm tree? I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about this but you can see it has crossed my mind.


Evidence of climate change is here too. This is how the sea has gouged out the land and taken trees in its hungry teeth.

Yesterday a newspaper was delivered to our poolside table. I see a state of emergency has been declared in Turkey and Trump is still up to his tricks. I decide not to read another newspaper while I’m Luxury Escaping.

photo 1 (004)

The Internet is both saviour and curse. This is me working on the publisher’s edit of ‘The Last Taboo’ which has arrived by the wonders of modern technology and must be finished by the time I return to Australia.

Alice and Josh

This is my husband’s niece, Alice, who was flower-girl at our wedding when she was four years old. She has just given birth to her first baby, a little boy named Josh who arrived eight weeks early. He is only 20cm long and weighs just 500gm. As he struggles for life, I cry and pray and wish and hope.


It puts Luxury Escapes into perspective, doesn’t it?


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