Happy New Year, dear readers, and apologies for disappearing from the blogosphere for the past six weeks. Sincere thanks to those of you who expressed concern about my abrupt departure, and for your emails and interest. Fortunately, I’ve not succumbed to a dire illness, or to despair over Trump (almost!). But, yes, I am taking a little break from blogging.

During my week at Varuna, I had time to consider my writing priorities: I have a novel to finish, short stories to write, another novel percolating away in the back of my head, and I would love to write more poetry. Time is not infinite and as much as I would like…and often try!…to do more than humanly possible, I’m forced to confront the reality that I no longer can. Or should.

For the time being, ‘The Essential Mirror’ must make way for ‘The Year of the Wolf’ which I hope to finish this year.

I’ve enjoyed the challenge of writing a weekly blog. I’ve also learned a lot from it, mostly about trusting the inner voice that knows more than we writers know we know. Again and again, I would begin a post with no idea of where it was going and always be led somewhere that was ultimately illuminating for me, and hopefully of interest to you.

As we create and listen, we are led…

Thank you for including me in your Sunday mornings. I will miss the great pleasure of connecting and sharing, and look forward to returning when my novel is with the publisher.

So, on this first day of the new year, I wish you all the very best on your creative journeys. We live in times of great change. May 2017 be fulfilling in every way. And may your writing be truthful, caring and brave.







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