He may have left his run a little late but, in these troubled times, why not consider Barney Poodle for President?

I’ve been writing away at Varuna in the Blue Mountains for the past week and if you’re reading this on Sunday morning, I’ll be shortly packing up to return home. One of the unexpected joys of being relatively isolated in these beautiful surroundings, with a focus on creating stories rather than digesting difficult fact, is that I’ve been mostly protected from Trump.

In fact, the American election and associated trauma, seems to have happened behind a far distant haze, which will no doubt be stripped away as I catch train and plane to return to the real world.

I was intending to excuse myself from posting this week but my son, who is sharing the care of Barney Poodle while I’m away, sent me his own take on American politics. Enjoy!



BARNEY POODLE: ‘I should be President of the world!’

DUKES: ‘Possibly…I didn’t think you could achieve that until recently…’


DUKES: ‘So as President of the world, what would you stand for?’

BARNEY POODLE: ‘Mostly just for being rich, fluffy and hot-looking. Also for telling other rich, fluffy, hot-looking dogs that I’ll deport mixed-breed dogs like you.’


DUKES: ‘Your front legs are probably too short for you to be President.’

BARNEY POODLE: ‘I’ll build a wall, and you’ll be in jail.’


President Elect Barney Poodle in the back seat of the Presidential limousine.

Perhaps there’s some hope to be found in the saying that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

On my last morning at Varuna, the azaleas are in full bloom, birds are singing, the sun still shines. And I am alive.

I have written a few good words, made new friends and shared enough literary thoughts and laughter to make Trump settle into insignificance. For the moment. And moments are all we have.

More about Varuna next week!

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